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you’re a wolf, boy, get outta this town

January 30, 2011

Certain people, says (Richard) Rorty, are “always aware that the terms in which they describe themselves are subject to change, always aware of the contingency and fragility of their final vocabularies, and thus of their selves.” …Rorty calls people capable of adopting new languages “ironists,” because they inflect even their most fervent commitments with doubt. It’s possible, they know, that what today they hold most intimately true will be replaced tomorrow by other, better ways of seeing and saying things. They comprehend what Rorty likes to call the contingency of their own current state. – Why Read, Mark Edmundson

Okay, so, maybe I don’t want to be a teacher. Maybe I want to move to San Francisco and start a completely new life, work in a bookstore and try to get screenplays noticed. So what?

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  1. jeanne wisner permalink
    February 5, 2011 7:44 am

    Hey Sarah — Glad you’re back! Just to add to your equation —– I have a guest room in Burl. (where UVM is) ………………… Luv, Me

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