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The Edinburgh Fringe, day 10: Saturday, or, The End

January 21, 2011

101 (again) – Still my most favorite and memorable experience at the Fringe, this last trip to 101 was just as ambiguous and intense as the others. The story was Othello, and let’s just say that being swept up in that much domestic abuse does not leave you with warm fuzzy feelings.

The Harbour – speaking of warm fuzzy feelings, this play was top notch. With a minimal, multi-purpose set including crates that became tables and parts of ships and yellow rain boots that doubled as fish and birds, and a small three-person cast, The Harbour told the traditional selkie story – the fisherman finds a strange woman by the sea and they fall in love, only to lose her to the sea once more. The production also featured a live cellist for incidental music and sound effects which really added to the atmosphere. The story was lovingly told, hilarious and moving by turns, and definitely left an indelible impression on me.

Quasimodo – Belt Up! Need I say more? I love this company to death. Another late-night show, the story was hauntingly told, immersing the audience in the action as Belt Up does. Using only a large table in the center of the room and trappings of a set all around, the low lighting and intensely personal acting really brought the tragedy of Notre Dame to life. Quasimodo himself gave an amazing performance; you could really see the ache of his broken body as well as his broken heart. Belt Up, do you happen to need a production assistant? Because I would totally work for you.

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