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May 21, 2010

I was planning on updating chronologically, covering the rest of my travels over break before writing about the here&now, but the here&now is so exciting that I’m going to jump ahead and talk about it a bit.

First of all, it is 77 degrees (that’s 25 for celsius folks) and sunny out and Friday afternoon, and who could ask for more than that?

Fringe stuff: “Sylvia” has finished auditions and is being cast as I write this. Rehearsals begin this weekend! I’ve written before about how unexpectedly theater hijacked my life; have I mentioned that I love every minute of it? I can’t wait to see this play start to come off the page! We’re still working on the funding issue, but at this point it’s more “where do we have to turn” than “yes or no”, if that makes sense.

I’ve been thinking more about how to make drama part of my life back at Smith. I really don’t want to give it up, but things seem to be structured so differently there, I just don’t know how to break in as an outsider. Do I look to UMass? Do I try to do my own production, maybe over JTerm? Is it physically possible to do a thesis and theater at the same time? Questions to think about this summer.

Speaking of this summer, the job search is coming along, albeit slowly. Last weekend I was in a bit of a panic, as I have something of a catch-22 (can’t afford to stay without a job, can’t afford to go home without a job – basically I just need a job); things are seeming a little brighter now, if only because of the sunshine. I had an interview for a job with a summer program today, I think it went okay but I just can’t tell if they’d see me as someone they’re looking for. Guess I’ll find out soon enough! I sent CVs out for several other things earlier this week, hopefully I’ll be hearing back about those soon. Either way I’m feeling more optimistic.

As far as finishing out this term, due to a congruence of bad timing and bad luck, I have 6 more essays to write in 4 weeks for my primary tutorial. I have a plan for topics and everything, but it does mean that I’ll be in a pretty much constant state of essay crisis for the rest of Trinity! But I’m not worried, if that makes sense. (Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe I’m nuts – but at least I’m not losing sleep over it!)

I also have my screenplay to finish. It’s coming along; I have the rest of the film outlined, and in an ideal world I’ll have about 30 new pages to show my tutor next Wednesday. I have 10 already, so it’s not impossible; but I do have a Mary Sidney essay due Tuesday. We’ll see.

Last night we had a Henry VIII cast reunion at Worcester formal hall, and it was absolutely lovely to see everyone. Drinking wine on the lawn in beautiful summer twilight will be a wonderful memory! Also I’m going to go see Turn Again Lane (again) tonight, which I am really excited for- it’s a musical written by Oxford students about love as an Oxford student, and it is just brilliant and hilarious. And the songs are excellent.

To sum up: the sun is shining, Oxford is beautiful, I have a ton of work but I can do it in a minute!


(View of Lisbon, as I am lacking appropriately sunny Oxford photos)

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