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Easter Vacation Part 1: Sintra, Portugal

May 16, 2010

So I realize it has been an unfairly long time since last I posted, and I will point out by way of excuse, extremely modestly, that this is because I have been having adventures and successes and you, my readers, should all be extremely jealous. (My adventures include volcanoes. How often does one get to say that?)

In my last posting, I was in Lisbon with my dear friend Kathryn. We took a day trip to the fairy-tale town of Sintra, which at the time was the most beautiful place I’d ever been. We spent most of the day in Quinta da Regaleira, a former summer home for a very rich family. The grounds of the house were forested and hilly but beautifully and subtly landscaped to include the most surprising fountains and caves and little castles and gardens, plus creepy masonic tunnels!

The house:

The view from the top (with the sea!):

The grounds below:

Some of the sights around Sintra and more of the Quinta:

(“Ooh! Ooh, I know this one! Aslan! It’s Aslan!”)

Sintra was the place that inspired me to register for Portuguese next term; it was so incredibly lovely, and even though aspects of the town were a bit touristy, it retains enough of a feeling of authenticity to be really bewitching. I would definitely go back.

Coming up next: last days in Lisbon, and after that, Córdoba! Eventually I will catch up with my real life!

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  1. Katherine permalink
    May 19, 2010 2:25 am

    Very very beautiful ! and I am incredibly jealous! Love, Aunt Katherine

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