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March 30, 2010

So Hilary term ended over two weeks ago with a lovely and too-short visit from Jessie. It was a good term, with good reports and lots & lots of theater-related stuff, but it didn’t really feel over until I left Oxford this past Sunday; on the 13th, before I had a minute to breath and look around, I went straight from term-time to York-time, and what a surreal and awesome time I had!

I think that the eleven days I spent in York, stage managing a double bill production for my tutor, was some of the most fun and the most work crammed into one that I have ever had. The only thing I can compare it to is Daybreak. It was that intense. I stayed over at my tutor’s friend’s house, who organized the conference that the plays were a part of, and when we weren’t working we were watching Buffy or sorting Mods papers. I couldn’t get on the internet, which made keeping up-t0-date on non-York life difficult, and really only contributed to the intensity of the experience. But overall, the actors were an amazing and talented group, and York was a really nice place to be. Grad school…?

Anyway, I had a couple days of almost-downtime in Oxford before meeting up with Kathryn in London and then flying to Lisbon. The hostel we’re staying at is adorable and we’re slowly getting to know the city, which is amazing and different from anywhere I’ve been before. Portuguese is a very difficult language to pronounce but not at all hard to read if you’re familiar with another romance language, so we’re having this weird combination of being able to read signs but not talk to people unless they speak Spanish, and then Kathryn can, or English, in which case I get super apologetic for being a clueless American. It’s fun!

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