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But your soul you must keep totally free

March 13, 2010

When last you heard from me, I was obsessing over how much I had going on; now, my to-do list has been slowly reduced to just a few items: a ninth week essay, getting funding for “Sylvia” to go to Edinburgh, and planning the rest of break travel while stage managing for my tutor in York. Actually writing it makes it sound like a lot, but compared to what I had during the first half of this week it’s basically me being lazy.

Right now, my room is all packed up, my things are all stored and I’m pretty much ready to go. After I write this I will get some coffee before meeting my tutor at her house to drive up to York. I guess this is a six hour drive? But I really don’t know.

This week I had, in part: Shakespeare tutorial, full run of Henry VIII, Bookstacks meetings for the Fringe, a free ticket to Three Sisters at the Oxford Playhouse, Jessie visiting, Henry VIII photo shoot for the posters (which have already been emailed to the director and they look amazing!! We’re so official now!), Provost’s Collections (which went really excellently), formal hall, packing up my room, Smith housing decisions, and very very little sleep.

Of course, Jessie visiting was the highlight! It was so nice to show someone from home my life here. Even if it involved running around for Henry VIII and library books, the 36 hours she was here for was actually a pretty good slice of life example of the way I live. Except with better food. I miss having you here, Jessie! And I may very well mail you your cardigan but not until next term I’m afraid.

The weather outside is gorgeous, which always puts me in a good mood. Now (though I am very tired) I am ready for the next adventure! Wish me luck!

(Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Katherine of Aragon, Cardinal Wolsey, and partial crew at the photoshoot in the Chapel.)

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