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Female hitman, style of Bourne Identity, diff. international location every week: who tried to kill me? how can I kill them?

February 10, 2010

So the workshop went really well. It was a really good group of people–intelligent fans, all–and we basically went around talking about shows we like, why we like them, how they work etc. before identifying their various elements (as explained in previous post). It was all written down at the front of the room, and then we took 10min on our own to mix them up and come up with a pitch for something new. There were 18 people there and the brilliant thing was that everyone had an idea that could be developed into a good show. Ben Stephenson gave really good feedback to each of us and the thing ran about 20 min overtime–annoying in any other case, but here really valuable! I would really like some kind of follow up session, and they did suggest that the group could keep in touch via email so I really hope that will be the case.

When we went around at the beginning, Stephen Garrett had our applications with him and he would say our name and one of the shows we wrote about, and while the two shows I focused on where Supernatural and Torchwood: Children of Earth, he asked me to talk about the X-Files! V. exciting. I don’t know how eloquent I managed to be, but yay X-Files!

In other news, the weather the past couple of days has been really pretty funny – sunny one second, rainy and gray, back to sun and then boom! snow. On the way back from the workshop this afternoon, it was fairly mild and sunny, and then all of a sudden it was snowing really agressively- not the fat, friendly flakes kind of snow but tiny snowballs pelting down, it was ridiculous. It was literally laughable, lots of people complain but I like it – keeps you on your toes.

Next week I am going to London with my friend Praise to see the RSC’s Twelfth Night, which I am really excited about – partly because Worcester is funding our tickets and the train is less than £7 return, so it will be a fairly inexpensive trip apart from food. But Shakespeare in performance is what I’m studying right now as well as stage managing for so it will be super relevant as well as (I hope) a super fun show/trip. Also, I just watched the RSC’s Hamlet with David Tennant online, and oh wow, it is soooo good. It is my favorite film Hamlet (and for those of you I went to high school with, we know our film Hamlets, yes?), despite the fact that it is a film version of what is at heart a stage performance.

So yes, workshop = really good, Hamlet = really good, weather = not good but entertaining. Now if only we could get our cast solidified for Henrey VIII – everything else is going so well! Tonight: formal hall with Praise.

Music – Alela Diane

Book – Suite Francaise

Resolution – bring camera everywhere!

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  1. Caroline permalink
    February 10, 2010 5:54 pm

    zomg xfiles love

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